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As a teacher, ask your learners how they’re doing

The lockdown has certainly flipped many situations, scenarios and routines upside down. We’ve had to adjust to a life where we are confined to the walls of our homes. Dashing to the shops may spike anxiety levels, and the uncertainty of when all of this will end is still unknown to us all. We’ve heard speculations, but we’re not really sure.

Making group work work – download your free poster

Group work is a highly effective form of cooperative learning. No doubt you have put it to work to help your pupils learn actively and develop important social skills. But as great as group work promises to be, there are pitfalls that seem to be unavoidable. One way to help overcome these is to set the scene. Taking your class through this free poster can help.

Unlocking the power of communication in your teaching

Communication is a crucial part of the learning process. In fact, learning would not be possible without the sharing of knowledge and ideas, either through verbal or non-verbal communication. Furthermore, using sound communication strategies will foster increased learner investment and motivation, ultimately leading to improved performance.