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As a teacher, ask your learners how they’re doing

The lockdown has certainly flipped many situations, scenarios and routines upside down. We’ve had to adjust to a life where we are confined to the walls of our homes. Dashing to the shops may spike anxiety levels, and the uncertainty of when all of this will end is still unknown to us all. We’ve heard speculations, but we’re not really sure.

Instead of: they’re just looking for attention

How often do we take a step back and try to find out why children behave the way they do? Do we tend to lash out and get upset about their behaviour, or are we willing to give the child a chance and try to understand why they’re behaving in this manner?

The importance of play

The importance of play is a crucial part of a child’s learning journey. There are countless benefits that stem from play. Here are nine.

Making group work work – download your free poster

Group work is a highly effective form of cooperative learning. No doubt you have put it to work to help your pupils learn actively and develop important social skills. But as great as group work promises to be, there are pitfalls that seem to be unavoidable. One way to help overcome these is to set the scene. Taking your class through this free poster can help.

Group work pitfalls – five things to look out for

Group work is a useful tool to unlock the power of cooperative learning. I have no doubt you have applied it and harnessed the numerous benefits it can provide. But it’s not all good. There are a few things to look out for and correct to enhance the learning experience for your learners.

Record keeping for the organised win – five benefits

Record keeping is an important process for teachers. It’s easy to get lost under the mounds of paperwork (even digitally) when an organised system is not in place. Here are some of the benefits to record keeping to help give you a little more motivation to put it to work.

Unlocking the power of communication in your teaching

Communication is a crucial part of the learning process. In fact, learning would not be possible without the sharing of knowledge and ideas, either through verbal or non-verbal communication. Furthermore, using sound communication strategies will foster increased learner investment and motivation, ultimately leading to improved performance.

Teaching online during Covid-19 – seven lessons

In an effort to save the 2020 academic year amid the Covid-19 pandemic, traditional institutions of learning have been forced to embrace online teaching without delay. Here are seven things that helped me move my traditional classroom online.