Overcoming procrastination - it's possible

Overcoming procrastination: it’s totally possible

Jessica, a grade 9 learner from Johannesburg, shares her perspective on overcoming procrastination. She hopes the tips and tricks she shares can help you overcome your own procrastination, enabling you to feel prepared for any work that comes your way.

Being a teen with desires to conquer the world can be difficult, especially if there is work to be done first. Majority of teens would probably rather do anything else in the world other than homework or schoolwork. With the right tips and motivation, overcoming procrastination is a breeze..

What is procrastination?

In my opinion, procrastination is avoiding school work because it’s either boring or because there’s something you would rather do. It is the biggest time waster and the most annoying habit especially knowing that the work you’ve been putting off is really important and needs to be done. 

Some tips to overcome procrastination 

  1. Set time limits. For instance, if you’ve been working for an hour, you should have a 15 minute break. In the break you could just walk around your house or listen to a few songs to give your brain a break. Just don’t go onto social media like TikTok or Instagram because 15 minutes goes by so quick and then, before you know it, a whole hour has gone by because you became so interested in all those funny videos and memes. So, do something simple that will give you a break, but won’t make you forget about your work. 
  2. Save that show for later. It sounds like a big promise to make to yourself by saying when you are done with your work you can watch that next episode, when in reality you just watched it in your “break”. The best mom quote to live by is: “The quicker you get it done, the more time you’ll have to do whatever you want”. The quote is true because the faster your work gets done, the more time you have to do other tasks and you can watch your shows without feeling guilty. 
  3. Motivate yourself. Print or write your favourite motivational quotes from Pinterest/Google and put them on the wall or surfaces of your work space. Anytime you look up or around you’ll see the quote and it will motivate you to keep on working. This will also help you keep a positive outlook. 

How I overcome procrastination.

I personally use these tips myself to help me overcome procrastination. I was so behind with all my school work because I was not motivated at all to get it done and it just had a negative impact on my life. I realised I needed to change certain habits in order to get my life back on track. It was hard because it was practically part of my daily routine, but I knew I had to change and having a positive attitude honestly kept me motivated.

Procrastination is really hard to overcome but it is honestly so worth it in the end!

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