Record keeping for the organised win – five benefits

Record keeping is an important process for teachers. It’s easy to get lost under the mounds of paperwork (even digitally) when an organised system is not in place. Here are some of the benefits to record keeping to help give you a little more motivation to put it to work.

Record keeping is a drag. I’m a teacher too. I know how you feel. Your desk at school, your desk at home, your kitchen table, your coffee table – all of these places are typically buried under mounds of paperwork. Detention slips, assignments, class lists… this is a never ending list. This applies digitally too – one more file dropped in the wrong (typically most convenient) place may result in hours of searching, before giving up and starting fresh.

But, weirdly enough, the last thing you feel like doing is putting in the couple of hours to push through the administrative burden to set up a slick and smooth record keeping system – isn’t procrastination just the best. I feel your pain – admin is the worst. A good Netflix binge is way better.

This article is here to help give you some motivation. Even if it’s extrinsic, it’s better than nothing (right?). To help you set aside those glorious hours spent Netflix binging now, for loads more in the future. Here they are – five ways record keeping can help you out:

1. Helps you to remain organised

The foundation of a well running classroom is an organised record keeping system. Records that contribute to this include grades, notes sent home, attendance, time and reasons for sending students to the office, etc. Hardcopies tracking each of these could become tiresome, so a document management system could help.

2. Helps to monitor learner progression

By keeping careful track of all learners’ marks, participation and attendance over time, broken up by test, focus area, etc., record keeping provides the educator with an efficient way to identify the weaker and stronger learners in the class, and provide targeted assistance.

3. Helps you keep track of lesson plans

Keeping a record of your lessons (both past and future), can help make you more efficient and effective at covering the focus areas assigned to a particular academic year. A lesson plan calendar can help in breaking up your time effectively throughout the year, to ensure the appropriate amount of time is spent on each focus area.

4. Helps to keep classroom policies within reach

If a dispute arises with regards to the standards expected in the classroom, either between the teacher and the learner, or the teacher and a learner’s parents, it is always helpful to have important policy documents within reach. Some of the important documents to keep track of include makeup work, attendance, grading scales and extra credit and general class rules.

5.Positions you as a well-organised, teaching professional

Ensuring a well-designed, systematic record-keeping system will position you as a teaching professional, that not only has a deep understanding of the content taught, but also a good grasp of how the teaching process works. This will earn you respect of the learners, fellow educators and parents, which is an important element in building an environment conducive to good teaching and learning.

Let’s get organised.

There you have it. Five pretty epic benefits that effective record keeping can provide, hopefully helping you be an even better teacher than you already are (if that’s even possible).

For more tips, there are a couple of other articles for you here. Since you’re here, why not share your knowledge with us in an article and we will publish it for you (your name will be in lights). Plus you will help teachers struggling with some of the issues you have already overcome. Finally, if you’ve got some time, why not tutor for us?

Right, that’s it with all the asks I have. Hope the benefits above help give you the little bit of motivation we all need from time to time. Here are some recommendations for your imminent extended Netflix binge, once your slick and smooth record keeping system is up and running.

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