Some advice to succeed at school

Amy, a grade 7 learner from Johannesburg, gives some sound advice on how to succeed at school. She hopes her advice will help you succeed in your own school journey.

During my last year of primary school, I decided to make this the best year possible. What do I mean by this? Below are all the things I’m going to do to succeed at school.

I will start studying for all my tests way before the day I write them. I will start all of my projects the day that I get it and not the night before its due. During the last year of primary school, it is stressful finding a high school and getting good marks to try and get a scholarship to your dream school.

I will write notes to help me study for all of my class tests and exams. I do this by taking my textbook and my note pad and writing all the important stuff down and reading it over and over. It might be hard to get the outside world out of your mind but you have to concentrate. Just think of the good marks that you’ll get. I have always struggled with my Maths but through lots of practice, I will overcome it and try do well.

I’m going to ask for help whenever I need it. I always used to be nervous of asking a question or being asked a question, because I was worried about it being a silly question or getting the question wrong. I was always scared to ask the teacher for help. I then realised that I should not be scared to ask the teacher for help because that’s what they are there for.

I’m going to stay up-to-date with all my work. I will do this by keeping up in class and, when I get home, I will try to do all my homework at once and not drag it out.

I will make the most of my last year of primary school. I have realised that I will never get my last year of primary school back so I wanted to make this the best year ever. I have made new friends and got closer to people that I’ve never known.

I’ve made the most of my time at home. With the pandemic that’s going on in our world, it has been hard to get used to a new routine. Everyone is very overwhelmed with not hugging each other and not being able stand close to one another. But I have still made the most of my time with my family.

I’m going to play lots of sport. In most schools they have lots of sports facilities and some people love to exercise. I personally love doing sports as it makes me fit, strong and competitive. It also helps with relaxing your body and just having fun with it.

If you do all of the things I have spoken about, you will have your best year yet.

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