What to do when you feel demotivated – four tips

This year has been a taxing year for many people all around the world. From job losses, salary reductions, loved ones passing away, relationships ending or just feeling incredibly overwhelmed. We have all had to make changes in our lifestyles to adjust to the new normal.

We may all feel a little demotivated or down in the dumps at times — this is okay! We are only human and we need to learn to meet ourselves with love and kindness along the way.

When I start getting into a slump and lose inspiration or drive, I try to shift my focus and see how I can get myself back on track. Here are a few of the things that I do to help myself stay focused.

Tip #1: Write down your goals

I often speak about being mindful and enjoying every moment for what it is, but I am still incredibly hopeful of the long future that awaits me, so when I’m battling to stay focused I use some of my time to think about my future.

I sit down and write out my goals, even if I’ve written them down before. I put my goals into different categories: career, health, spirituality and relationships. I then put down the goals I want to achieve within each of the categories, and I try to keep each list of goals to a maximum of 3. Then I list different things under each goal that I will need to do to achieve those goals. It helps me stay on track and, oddly enough, lifts my spirits.

Tip #2: Spend time with family and friends

I find that spending time with loved ones help me feel more motivated to get myself back up and ready to go. I make plans with friends or take a drive to visit my parents. And if I can’t leave the house, I’ll call them and have a chat. Just chatting and even sometimes using them as a sound board helps me to process my thoughts. It sparks ideas and gives me a bit of time to reflect on why I am struggling to motivate myself to get things done.

Tip #3: Take a night off and just enjoy your own company

This one has its benefits, but I’m also a big extrovert that loves to be around people. When I take a night to myself, I use the evening to try to switch off from my thoughts and just enjoy my own company. I may get emotional about things that have been on my mind, I may end up reading, or I may even just park off on the couch and enjoy a movie on Netflix. Whatever it is, it’s useful to just hit the off switch for a bit and use the time on your own to love yourself a little more and appreciate all that you have in your life.

Tip #4: Write a daily gratitude list

When we get ourselves into a slump, we often forget what we have in our lives. It may be due to the comparisons we are making with the people around us. Comparisons to other people’s lives may cause a sense of lack of achievement. Try to shift your focus back to your own life and everything that you have going for you. One of the things on your list may be as simple as “the sky looks beautiful this evening”. Just a small acknowledgment of the positives can make a big difference to resetting your thinking.

Things may be tough at times, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. It all takes time, but there are simple and effective things to do to help you get yourself back on your feet and rearing for another day ahead of you!

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