What to do when you feel demotivated – four tips

This year has been a taxing year for many people all around the world. From job losses, salary reductions, loved ones passing away, relationships ending or just feeling incredibly overwhelmed. We have all had to make changes in our lifestyles to adjust to the new normal.

Keeping your eyes safe while staring into your screen – seven tips

The use of digital gadgets has been steadily increasing over the years, drastically accelerating even more amid Covid-19. While businesses shut down globally and physical interaction was restricted, we’ve had to stay in touch with family and friends, study and work remotely – greatly increasing our screen time. While it’s great that this is possible due to digital technology, we do need to give ear to our eyes.

The new normal: same same, but different

Despite the masks, physical distancing and reliance on hand sanitiser, there is little doubt that we’re heading back to some sense of normal. It’s most welcome. And the feeling seems to be mutual all round (introverted and extroverted alike).

Timeframes – moments in time

“My life flashed before my eyes.” Yeah, probably not though. Far too much content to flash by in an instant. So what actually flashes before your eyes? I have a theory. I call them timeframes.